About us

Our Brunello di Montalcino is one of a kind, a real hand- made product of high quality

Considered one of the 10 best Brunnello di Montalcino you will only find it in our official website or coming in our Estate

What sets us apart

Located on the south-west side of Montalcino area, exposed to the great winds from the sea and protected by the surroundings hills, the estate envelops the Castle.


Every single grape is a grape of Brunello, treated as the most precious thing


Five hectares of vineyards subdivided in six lots, each with its own trait and personality


A small farm which respect nature and traditions, applying modern farming techniques

Our Team

We are thrilled to improve knowledge by continuous training. We also believe in the growth of our territory and all its possibilities

Fabrizio Capizzo


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