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He devoted his Skills and talent to create, in collaboration with the "Castello di Velona" winery, a simply Unique Wine, called DIALOG° IGT Toscana, in 2006. A wine containing 75% of choice Brunello grapes from the best vineyards in the Castello di Velona and 25% of the best selection pf Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in equal parts. An elegant wine, with Distinct character, Thick and Silky Tannins, whose nose offers aromas of Blackcurrant and Wild Berries with a hint of Spicy Sweetness.

The philosophy behind his work, as a sommelier and a wine lover, revolves around the key concepts of history, identity and passion fully shared by the Castello di Velona Winery. Lucas quite unique talent is not so much that of talking about wine, but that of being able to talk to whine while at the same time engaging in conversation anyone who is listening and comes in contact with his creations, hence the name of the wine: Dialogo (Dialogue).

His innate understanding of wine, the dialogeue he establishes with it, is something that he himself finds it hard to believe, after all, is precisely this simplicity that people appreciate so much. However, as he likes to emphasize, this dialogue is only possible with real wines, those resulting from Mother Earth and from the work of Man, and not from an industrial experiment aimed at altering the taste or mask the ingredients.

DIALOGUE is what it took to create this wonderful essence and DIALOGUE is what comes when people are together around a table sharing company while enjoying a good wine.

His life goal, rather than a career objective, is just that of establishing real Made in Italy wines at an international level. Same goes for the Castello di Velona, whose mission is to create a "tailored" wine, the result of passion and product knowledge that from Land is transferred to the winery and from there to the barrels to be then bottled, exposing fruits to minors "trauma" as possible, so as to offer the Customer the product of our land as intact as possible.

This is what distinguishes Luca from much of the national and international sommelliers: he, in evaluating a wine, never imposes his judgement and his thoughts. First he "listens" to the wine and then lets the audience be the judge.

Since, as Luca says, "You are not the one talking to wine, the latter talks to you".