Brunello 2016

140.00 Iva inclusa



5 stars


The unique location of Castello di Velona allows for the production of an exceptional and refined Brunello, made from hand-picked Sangiovese grapes with meticulous care. Its distinctive characteristics – intense aromas, promptness, harmonious tannins, and a long-lasting finish – are the result of the exceptional pedoclimatic conditions of the vineyards from which it originates. This full-bodied wine is well-structured and boasts excellent expressive finesse. Its tannins and high acidity extend its life, allowing it to reach perfection and showcase its full potential, making it officially ‘mature’.


The intense ruby color of this wine is a testament to its naturally high concentration of polyphenols, which captivates the eye and foreshadows the remarkable flavors to come.


Intense and complex bouquet with notes of candied cherries, leather, underbrush, and aromatic wood.


Extremely elegant and harmonious, with a full-bodied and persistent taste that showcases its remarkable complexity when sipped.

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