Adopt your vine of Brunello

1,500.00 Iva inclusa

With great delight, we herald the commencement of the 2023 grape harvest, a multifaceted vintage destined to unveil its splendor in 2028.

This year, we embark on an extraordinary journey, forging an exclusive connection between you and our vineyard. A select fragment of our vine rows is available for adoption, granting you exclusive, early access to the unveiling of our Brunello in 2028. This immersive journey will trace the evolution of Brunello from your adopted vine to the bottle cradled in your hands in just five years.

As this occasion is truly exceptional, we offer adoption packages comprising six bottles each, representing the pinnacle selection from a singular vine row. Moreover, to heighten this event’s uniqueness, the bottles will be individually customized, with further details awaiting their grand revelation.


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