Five hectares of sun-kissed vineyards, a clayey terroir rich in minerals gives rise to unique wine-growing production.

According to experts, the Castello di Velona vineyards yield the best product in terms of exposure, wind conditions and altitude. But the real secret to its uniqueness is the local terrain: the hottest thermal field of the Tuscany region, providing the land with precious minerals, and offering salinity, structure and complexity.

The territory surrounding the Castle, a prized fabric with a variety of nuances, holds within it this exciting secret, which the estate’s farmers and experts undertake to respect and protect, by not altering in any way the quality and natural properties of the grapes.

The vineyards, exposed to the south-east, extend for five hectares, spread over six different plots of land, each with its own characteristics and personality. The smallness of the wine-growing perimeter and limited output – about one bottle per vine – render Castello di Velona wine a treasure to be loved and protected.

Total surface area of property: Ha 31.41.88